Power Tool Accessories

Backup pad for fiber sanding disc

Backing pads

Chisels with 19mm hex shank (diameter 17mm)

Chisels with sds - max

Chisels for light rotary and demolition hammer

Chisels for heavy rotary and demolition hammer

Chisels for breakers

Chisels with 30mm hex shank

Circular saw blades for mitre saw and table saws

Eco for wood

Expert for wood(for hand held saws)

Expert for wood speed(for hand held saws)

Multi material for hand held circular saws

Multi material for mitre saws and table saws

Carbide multi wheel cutting discs

Metal grinding discs( dc wheel)

Metal cutting discs

Cutting discs inox

Flexible grinding discs

Diamond cutting disc for stone

Diamond cutting disc for concrete

Diamond core bits

Diamond grinding head for concrete

Diamond cutting discs for angle grinders and marble cutters

Diamond cutting disc

Hss metal drill bits(hss g)

Wood drill bits

Cyl - 4 multi material multi purpose drill bit

Accessories for sheet metal holesaws

Hss bi-metal hole saws for standard adapters

Sheet metal with power charge adapter

Sheet metal hole saws

Tct hole saw

Hole cutters

Jigsaw blades for stainless steel /fiber/plaster/ceramics and acrylic

Jigsaw blades for wood

Jigsaw blades for metal

Jigsaw blades for aluminium

Metal drill bit set (hss -r)

Mixed set

Max - 4 drill bits

Max -7 drill bits

Max - 9 natural stone drill bits

Plus -9 rebar cutter

Plus -1 drill bits

Plus -3 drill bits

Plus -5 drill bits

Plus -7 drill bits

Socket wrenches