End brush

Rotary brush with shank

Bevel brush -knotted

Bevel brush -crimped

Wheel brush with shank

Cup brush-crimped

Atb brushes

Wheel brush without shank

Cup brush -knotted

Twist knot brushes made in india

Cup brush with shank

Novomaster wheel brush

Uni master wheel brush

Tube brush

Ring lock brush

Cubitron fiber discs

Small abrasive mops

Coated roloc disc

Flap disc for angle grinder

Velcro sanding sheet for putty for ros

Wetordry sheets

Aluminium oxide fibre disc

Wood working belts

Zirconium oxide fibre disc

Standard belts

Stickit discs(adhesive type)

Velcro sanding disc for metal/wood for ros

Wide belts

Wetordry emery sheets

Solid polishing compound - for jewellery polishing

Non woven ek buffs

Stiff cloth open mop ccx y

Solid polishing compound

Cloth wr buffs

Coated abrasive flap wheel

Sisal cloth buffs

Sisal cloth mops

Hard cloth ek buffs

Soft cloth stitched mop - cax

Treated cloth ek buffs

Stiff cloth stitched mop - ccx-y

Liquid polishing compound

Soft cloth ek buffs

Polishing paste glaze 3m

Very soft cloth open mop wdr

Cutting and grinding

Scotch brite handpad rolls

Hand pads

Scotch brite roloc discs

Scotch brite web belts

Radial bristle discs( rbd)

Unitized wheels

Convolute wheels

Small finishing-mops

Scotch brite mop wheel